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Melody Owen

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Fit and Fabulous: The Workbook

The Fit and Fabulous Workbook helps you apply the information in the eBook, Fit and Fabulous, to ensure that the knowledge does not stay in your mind but that you act on it and use it to transform your life. Every page is packed with information, fun and engaging activities that apply the information to your life, in your way.

Many of us want to lose weight, get fit and stay fit but no matter what we do, we do not lose the weight. We feel like we are on a hamster wheel running endlessly and getting nowhere. Fit and Fabulous is not another diet and exercise book. Instead, it helps you understand your relationship to food and fitness in a fun and engaging manner. Create a healthy lifestyle that suits you. One you can live with now and in the future. No more deprivation diets and gym workouts that do not work out.

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